Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 Grand Rapids: A Year in Pictures

per Lindsay's request for a "Year in Pictures" for Grand Rapids I have compiled some photos...

new year's at founders w/ cabildo and i think chance jones

a lot of boring staff meetings were attended

Akaray at Hugo's... dancing, yes.

sister came over for a visit, oh wait i went to NY for a visit for our birthdays

linds and i talked to erik and were pretty happy about that apparently

only cool people and some guy i don't know came to my birthday

linds got a new bike and i apparently had a glass of wine

my house got some outlets

ehem, more cabildo and more dancing

4th of july - beach

martha got married and that was fun

dancing and cabildo and the studio... can't get much better than that

linds did some gardening

i got married to a strong burly man right after getting laid off, now i am a house wife

aunts and cousin came over for a visit

my favorite little baby chancho was born

this did not happen enough, though these pictures seem to make one think that it did

um, yes. this DID happen

got a hair style
and there was peace & love, at least in the river

And there you have it a year in photos: Grand Rapids.