Saturday, February 25, 2012

an addendum [for big daddy] - not sucky at all

A friend of mine who would like to be referred to "big daddy" in this entry brought it to my attention that a statement I made in my "32 to 32" blog post was not only inaccurate but extremely offensive.

I would like to offer my sincere apologies to anyone who might have read the statement about last year "sucking" and thought, "Jeeeez girl, I was a big part of your life last year and I remember it being nothing but awesome spending time together! What a little ho-bag!"

I'm sorry. I am a ho-bag. :(

Sometimes we allow the few consecutive sucky situations cloud our perspective on life. I'm pretty guilty of this sometimes unfortunately. 

Honestly, 31 was a good year. Let's think about 13 (31 reversed) reasons why. Most of them had something to do with you and other friends that may not even know my blog exists.

1. BIG DADDY - My hours got cut at my permanent job just when flower season entered its prime and that meant that I spent hours upon countless hours with BIG DADDY. I can honestly say that he's one of my favorite people. Not many people can make grouchy me laugh, smile and really turn a sour mood into a happy, goofy mood. But he can and it doesn't even matter if it's raining, hot, cold or even if the flowers are dying because some moron didn't water them. Big daddy sent me the following pictures, which were proof that 31 was by far not at all a sucky year.

2. Similar to 1... FLOWER SEASON. I got to do this job so much and it really made my spring and summer inexplicably awesome. 

2. New friends - There were a lot this year... you know who you are and hopefully how much I've enjoyed getting to know you. 

3. New experiences and challenges.

4. Road trip to NYC with Stacey. (post 1/post 2)

5. Spending almost a week with sister.

6. Discovering the urban dictionary, which should take credit for the majority of the knowledge I've obtained about certain subject matters over the course of the last 12 months, not to mention provided countless hours of laughter.

7. The microphone app on my phone.

8. The translator app on my phone. "Johnny has big. hands."

9. Fried food and milk shakes.

10. Getting to work at the greenhouse all the way to January.

11. Trips to Chicago.

12. Fun and unexpected adventures.

13. Getting a living room (which will occur in less than a week), before turning 32.