Monday, February 13, 2012

some people were...

I really need to start my comic strip series because I feel like the majority of my posts would make really good comic strips.

Anyways, yesterday I was hanging out with my mom and her friend Kathy. We made some cookies and looked at cookbooks.

Mama got irritated with me on the way over because I was not listening to her as I had to focus on the blog post about good things coming and uploading it on my iPhone.

Did I tell you I can post from my phone?

Yes. I did.

Anyways, since mama kept talking about how rude it was for me to be on my phone and not talking to her, the following conversation took place.

mama: "She's always talking about how people should have real conversations and she's sitting there on her dumb phone not even listening to a word I say."

me: "Um, it's a smart phone, ok. Plus, I had a deadline I had to meet."

mama: "A deadline? For your blog? Are you kidding me."

me: "Look lady, there are people out there waiting, pining, to read my blog."

mama: "Yeah. Right. You really think people are just sitting by their computer waiting for you to post on your blog?"

me: "Duh."

Kathy: "Actually some people were. But then she stopped posting all of a sudden. So now they don't as much anymore."

mama: "Seriously Kathy, you really just sat around waiting for her to post on her blog?"

me: "See. Deadlines."

"a day without one of her blog posts is like a day without sunshine"
--unknown reader of "Habia una Vez"


Welp, I guess I should go do that homework that's due in 23 minutes.

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