Thursday, March 31, 2011

death and jokes in the christmas ornaments

The following quote was taken from my mother's fb status:

Quote of the night, while teaching a gardening class in what might be considered the worst neighborhood in Lansing:

Q: how can we keep squirrels from eating our vegetables?
A: (not from me) a 22
A: (from me) i checked into this. you cannot shoot something in lansing. 
Comment: (from attendee) You obviously don't live over here, do y...ou?

I actually spoke with her as she was leaving to give said class.  Before hanging up she said, "Well hopefully I don't get shot."  I then said, "Well in case you die I love you.  Where's your fortune?" 

She then says, "Oh I'm not going to tell you right now.  What if I don't die?"

I say, "Well how am I supposed to find it if you do die?"

She says, "Oh It's going to be like a treasure hunt, you have to go looking for it."

Me, "Um will there be clues or notes or a map or something." (thinking this is all a joke)

Her, "Oh ya like in the box of Christmas ornaments.  There is a nice little note and some jokes.  You'll find them everywhere."

Me, "Hahahaha.  Wait, are you serious?  Did you really do that?"

Her, "Yeah, but it's the only one I've done so far so I've got a lot to go yet."

Me, "You don't know how happy this makes me.  You are going to provide me with entertainment and laughter even in your death and I'll still have material for my blog except the posts will say 'Some Dead Lady' instead of just 'some lady.'"

Her, "Uh people are going to think you are evil."

coffee grounds and rotting produce

Well everyone, as a follow up to the post about failures; I would like to announce that I made another attempt at building that compost bin and succeeded.

How do you even use a semi-colon?  Can someone google that for me please?  Thank you.

Anyways, I built it all by myself after 2 failed attempts.  I decided that I should no longer seek the advice of the hardware store employees when doing a project.  Had I just gone with my gut in the first place I would have spent less money and saved myself some frustrations. 

After four trips to Ace and in the end only spending about 7 dollars, I have a three year composting system.  I'll add a door later.  I would have only spent about 2 dollars but the dumb nails the first guy sold me spilled everywhere and I didn't feel right about returning them since about 1/3 of them were bent because the wood was too hard.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my neighbor decided to sit on the back of his truck, smoke a cigarette and claim to be the foreman while I worked. I didn't find it the least bit humorous but it rather made me feel very self-conscious, so I just left it all there and went to the hardware store hoping he'd be gone when I returned, which he was.

I am also down another god forsaken rose bush that nearly defeated me.  It's been a productive evening.  I am so greatful for the fact that it doesn't get dark until 8:30pm these days.  I can only imagine the kinds of things I would get done if it was like this year round.

Enough about my obsession with weather.  Here are the photos:

after bringing these home i realized they were next to useless and found some better ones at the local hardware store

coming up with a plan

in process - after i figured out how to effectively drive in the screws

those are the rose bushes that were previously everywhere
I plan on putting two panels on the front that can easily be removed for stirring purposes and shoveling out the dirt.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

do you know what my name means?

Here is the second edition of: 

"Stories that shouldn't be funny but almost always are."

Refugee who helps interpret: "Do you know what my name means?"
Intern: "No, what does it mean?"
Refugee: "Small Small"

I think I fell out of my chair when I heard this I was laughing so hard.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a lesson on failure

Failed attempts and what this day has taught me:

I failed twice while attempting to build a compost bin.  

I failed at finding someone to go to dinner with me at the last minute.

I failed to see how interesting the neighbor's candle light dinner went when they closed the curtains and turned off all the lights.  I am secretly jealous.

Some 14 year old teenager down the street shot at a police officer but failed to hit him.


Sometimes we shouldn't give up until we succeed.  

Other times it's good to be a failure.

Now, I will go eat a sweet potato.

At some point later in the week I will re-attempt the constructing of my compost bin as well as find someone to eat dinner with me.  I will probably also watch the neighbors make dinner.

other news: google replaced mothers

I don't know about you but sometimes when I need a quick answer to something I am questioning, I simply dial "2" on my speed dial. 

Usually a chipper "hello" comes in on the other line, which I sometimes find sounds slightly sarcastic as if really saying, "Oh jeez what do you want now?" or "Maybe if I sound chipper she won't get all grumpy with me."

So anyways, yesterday I dialed "2" for a much needed "insta-answer" from my mother, the woman who I think knows every answer to every question I have ever had and ever will have.  Or at least she should for convenience sake.

This time she however, claimed to not know the answer and quickly asked me if I had ever heard of "google."  

"You know," she says, "Google replaced mothers a long time ago, so you don't even need to bother calling me any more."

"What about the relationship!!!!!"

"You don't even want a relationship with me?!?!?!"

Google can't console me.

Google can't love me.

Google can't listen to me bitch.

And it certainly can not eat lunch with me. 

I hate technology.  It has replaced everything good in this world.

music for tuesday

I have decided that exercise in the morning is good for me.  It probably also helps those around me.  I am happier today after dragging myself out of bed to go to yoga.  No, I am not manic or bi-polar.  There are a lot of things I would self-diagnose myself with but that is not one.

So in celebration of Tuesdays and what is going to be a great day with two boys I present you with our song of choice... 

And to depress a few of you even though for some reason this song makes me happy here's a tune I've been listening to repeatedly (thanks to greg's music blog)...

Monday, March 28, 2011

surviving the misery of winter with last minute travel plans

I'm having a hard time not complaining lately, which is probably no surprise to anyone that's ever spent more than three seconds with me.

I blame Michigan.  And men.  And the fact that most of my clothes don't fit me due to the 10+ lbs. I've gained this winter.

There is nothing I long for more than to wake up at 5am feeling warm with only a sheet to cover me.  I want to see colorful flowers all over my porch.  I imagine myself jumping out of bed to sit on my stoop in shorts and a tank top sipping a cup of coffee before tying up my running shoes and going out for a 5 or 6 mile run while the sun rises.  Then I'd spend 20 minutes or so watering and dead heading and loving the flowers on my porch.  I want it to be balmy and humid.

I would get to work by 8 with sore legs, energy to conquer whatever came my way and get home before dark to spend more time on my porch and outside on my bike or with friends.

Instead, when my alarm went off at 5 this morning for spin class I groaned and felt cold and frustrated that I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was thinking about summer and how I didn't want to wake up until it came.

I thought setting the alarm to motorcycle sounds would give me a good feeling.  All it brought was nostalgia and confusion.  I woke up wondering if I was back in the Dominican Republic.  There were no motos racing down my street and I didn't get to drive one to work.

I spilled coffee.

When I got to work I was grumpy and as pissy as can be.

Then, I discovered a cheap plane ticket to Florida, bought it and texted my cousin to tell her to get ready.  I'll be on my way in just over a week.  I can make it a week.

Cousin here I come.  Sunshine AND warmth here I come.  Beach here I come.  Alligator burgers I'm going to eat you.

I am officially self-diagnosing myself with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Good riddens Michigan.  When I get back you better be nice!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

roller coasters & birthdays & narcissism & feeling special

I felt like I was riding an emotional roller coaster after writing yesterday's blog post and so I feel it's only fair to lighten the blog mood with some stories from last week's road trip, my narcissistic birthday celebration that continues through the end of the month and thoughts of spring, which leads to summer, the most wonderful time of the year (news flash, Andy Williams was wrong).

Road Trips, Dumplings & Fancy Hats

So sister and I are only eleven months apart, which means that from February 24th until March 23rd each year, we are the same age.  In another life we weren't so fond of being so close in age and one of us (I won't mention any names) may have snapped at age five in the dime store because some innocent lady thought we were the cutest little twins.  My mother did dress us in matching clothes, which didn't help matters.  Anyways, back to my point.  In recent years, we have become more fond of our month as twins and a little overly romantic about our need to be together during that time of year.  So on Sunday my mom and I decided to drop everything in an effort to bring the thirty year olds together before I turned 29.  So we left on Tuesday.

Making dumplings. Anita Biscuit. 

I gave Ashley a 30 year old mug.  I'm in to 30 year old mugs ok.

30 & lookin' better than ever... i should get money for this nike ad
This is what we do.  Look at junk/old stuff and try on fancy old hats.

Birthday Cake.

I am really sorry but I can't remember any good quotes from the trip but I promise I laughed a lot and I'm sure the fly on the wall of  my corolla has pretty good footage on his itty bitty camera.  I just don't know what he's done with it.

Friends at home & feeling special & the 2nd annual brunch tradition

Now I know that if it weren't for facebook probably only about 7 people would have remembered my birthday but thanks to FB, I got a lot of messages of love from people and that just really made me feel like a special person.  Sometimes we need that. 

 i met up with the ladies the second i rolled into town. 
i really love them. 
i am the oldest, which means that i am wiser and more mature.

I discovered that when you want a birthday gathering and you're not sure if anyone else will coordinate it for you, you just have to do it yourself.  It was fun seeing everyone that came out.  Wouldn't it be great to have all of your friends from everywhere to be in the same place?  I think about this a lot.  Maybe some day.

Brunch.  We celebrated mine and Lindsay's birthdays today with Mandy, Julio and Miguel on top of the world with good food.

muffin top & a bald puruvian


a pretty lady

love them

barriga llena corazon alegre
Thanks friends for making my life so worth living and for making me feel special every day of the year.  Love. xoOXOxoxXO

Here's some springtime cheer I found on a walk through the neighborhood today.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a lesson in geography & the reality of desparity... with an 8 year old child


Exhausted from a two day marathon trip with  my mother to visit my sister in up state New York, I dragged myself out of bed at 5:33am.  I had to take a family to Ann Arbor for a doctor's appointment at 10am and didn't have the directions or paperwork.  I got to the office by 6:15 to get the paperwork, directions and the van and to the family's apartment by 7.  We got to the appointment on time after 2 1/2 hours in the car and 20 minutes of walking around the hospital trying to find our way.

Because the woman who had the appointment doesn't hear very well, her sister-in-law had to come, which meant the baby had to come.  Because we left before school started the 8-year old niece had to come.  I spent the day in the waiting room with my little 8 year old friend and learned more than I had bargained for from a little girl who had seen more with her little eyes in 7 years than most of us have in our entire lives.

She's from Iraq and came here about 10 months ago.  When she arrived she knew little to no English.  She is now excelling in school and her English is exceptional.  The following is a dialogue of some of our conversation:

Her:  Do you speak my language?
Me: No but I know a few words.  

(we exchanged a few words and had a short lesson in Arabic)

Her: I can't write in my language.
Me: You should have your mom teach you.
Her: I love airplanes.
Me: Maybe you could fly them some day.
Her: Oh no that's too hard.
Me: You have so much time to learn.  You're so smart.  Look how much you have learned since I met you.  You can read and write and speak a new language.  Do you know math?
Her: Yes.

(insert Math competition here)

Me: I think you could do just about anything!

Her: I don't like my country.
Me: Why not?
Her: They kill people there.  Everywhere.  All the time.  It's bad.
Me:  I'm sorry.  Is it better here for you?
Her: Yes because they don't kill people here.  My country is bad.  It's a very bad place.
Me: I'm glad you like it here.
Her: I never want to go to Iraq.  They kill people there.

Looking across the room at a baby:

Her: They kill little babies like that in my country.

Me: What? Why?
Her: I don't know.  To take their hearts out and give them to people that don't have hearts.

We continued our conversations and went back and forth talking about killing people and growing up to be a doctor some day who wears a white coat.  We also looked at world maps on my Ipod.  She drew me a picture with a flower and a sticker on it that said "I love you.  You are so so cute."

Sometimes I don't like my job too much.  Days like yesterday make me realize I am a part of something meaningful and good.  

I know many people have different viewpoints on how our country should spend our money (or lack of).  I am too much human to ever think that we shouldn't continue to spend large sums of money helping people like this little girl and her family have a safe place to live and build a future.

I can't seem to put into words what this interaction made me feel.  I don't know that I have to.  I continue to wonder what her little eyes have seen.

Monday, March 21, 2011

flowers for myself

I was feeling a little depressed today for a number of reasons and for a number of non-reasons.  Only women will admit to understanding this as I'm sure men feel depressed for non-reasons but have never admitted it.  Anyways, I bought myself these flowers to cheer myself up because that's what people that are marrying themselves do for each other.  They should bloom by Wednesday, just in time for my birthday. I'm taking them to New York with me and Sabrina will have to hold them in her lap the entire 12 hours.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

M-F [+ S & S] swollen sunday

My foot is swollen from running and I'm going to New York on Tuesday with a lady to visit my sister.  We are 30.

Today was great ok I just don't want to talk about it.  Just trust me.

There was napping involved.  And soup.  And friends.

Free Dating Services... not to be confused with dating services that are "free"

Sabrina Free has started a dating service and I think I am her guinea pig.  She is over fifty, but this has not stopped her from using technology in her new business efforts.  She is well versed in sending picture messages to her clients (me) while interviewing what she seems to think could be prospective future son-in-laws.  

Unlike other dating services Ms. Free (I prefer calling her "mama" or "sab" -- call her what you like) finds you a man, unsolicited.  It's as easy as not even signing up and you don't even have to fill out a profile or upload pictures, as she will find her own and provide the prospect with information you would probably not share even after dating for six months.  

Depending on her mood she may tell the date that you are cute, or when asked she may say, "Well, I guess she's ok."  Then after searching all over her phone for a picture, frustrated, she will show him the first one she finds, which of course should have been deleted.

Here is the first possible "match" I received via a text message.  Please refer back to the blog post about the FBI and Dicker & Deal to read about the whole story.  I did later text him but it seems he was just being kind to my mother by telling her he'd go out for coffee, as he never responded.

the fbi
This week I received two possible matches, one of which a photo was not provided, but I have met him before and the texts alone will tell you that I am probably not interested.  Please see "Thankful Thursday," for a text by text review of this match as well as my sister's input.
The latest was received on Friday, shortly after Sab rudely cut our phone conversation short because she had to go meet her friend Kathy for dinner at Buddies, which is for Kathy as Dicker & Deal is for Sab.  If you've been following these posts, you can only imagine.

At 6:08pm I received the following text:

Sab:  "This guy is cute.  He has cats but seemed willing to get rid of them.  Kathy recommends him."

Me: "Oh my God.  Are you kidding me?  Are you drunk?"
Sab: "No, she told him you are real cute and he said oh ok take my picture."
Emily (Kathy's daughter, after I texted her the information): "Ha! Yah, my mother does that all the time!"


All of this presents me with a question.  If I have not had children by the age of fifty, what on earth will I do with my time and what will I talk about?

Maybe Kathy and Sab should do business together.  If you are interested in their services please let me know.  Maybe having more clients will distract them from the fact that their daughters have not yet married and bore them grandchildren.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

M-F [+ S & S] super springy saturday

A few of my biggest blog fans [ha] convinced me to extend the series through Sunday to complete the week.  Let's review why today was great via several photos in chronological order.  Some of the photos aren't actually from today but you get the point.

i noticed these little guys this morning
enough said

micky says that flowers bring happiness, joy and healing -- she's right
a friend sent me these in an email - with a very kind note - love
nice hair
this pretty little one had her 1st birthday party & then i had the honor of driving her great grandma home
To top it all off, Anya insisted on folding my laundry.
Really, could I ask for a better roommate? Um, ya, no.
And that pretty much sums it up ladies and gentlemen.  It was quite a marvelous day actually.  I even went running and ate arroz con leche immediately following, of which I've heard is suggested in all running magazines.

Friday, March 18, 2011

M-F: unfriendly friday

Ok so let's be honest, I'm not that good at "making every day great," or at least entitling my blogs in this manner.  My personality seems to magnify the negative.  So in recognition of this I will start with what was great about this day in an attempt to change reality.

What was great:

- A superhero that brought me a glass of something upon request, therefore not requiring me to stand up and get off the couch.

- Donuts and a spontaneous party-esque gathering in my office.

- Moving some people to their new home in the United States.

- A co-worker that seems to be so much more sensitive than I am and connected said family's tv so that they could watch Barney videos until they had something better to do.

- People at a birthday party I went to made me feel a part of their group even though I didn't know them after going to another event (will mention in a second) where I felt awkward and out of place.

The unfriendly:
So I had to get some keys replaced for my car and it was under warranty so the used car guy agreed to paying, but I had to go to the dealership.  While waiting, I witnessed the following man completely degrading and belittling a salesman: 

Ok, so I wouldn't usually say this in a blogpost but this guy (Dan Knott) was knott so nice.  He was a complete dickhead and works at the 28th street Toyota dealership.  I hope this blog post pops up when this dipwad is googled because he was a complete jerk to his employee, in front of customers and other employees.  I think that belittling and degrading someone is not only unnecessary and wrong but inhumane.  Very unprofessional and unimpressive.  Most of the population already hates car dealers.  Must you worsen your reputation?  Besides the outrageous prices and leech-like customer service, this experience made me never want to return.  At one point in the interraction between Dan and the fellow "below" him, he said in an irritated disrespectful tone, 


I'd like to think that if I were the guy, I would have said, "%&#* YOU!"  But I probably would have walked away and cried in my cubicle.

I'm glad I'm a social worker and that my supervisor respects me.

wine and fundraisers...

I am not the most friendly of people so maybe I shouldn't complain, but I went to this event this evening and felt completely awkward.  I was surrounded by middle/upper class white people supporting some worthy cause (of which I believe is worthy).  Let me just say, the wine didn't even make me feel more comfortable.


I just want to feel at home.  Does anyone ever feel not at home at home?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

M-F: Thankful Thursday

Ok so I wasn't thinking about all the things I am thankful for all day.  I just thought about the idea right now and decided it might be a good exercise.  So I'm ending today by making a list of the things I am thankful for today.

It was 60+ degrees outside
   and Michigan promised me
that it won't be cold again
   [til Christmas Eve].

Some clients said nice things 
to me 

I hung out with Lindsay.
    My mom and my sister
made me laugh
          [as usual].

My new bicycle is 
     so great 
[thanks Miguel].

    My dad called me
  Upcoming mini-vacations
    with people
I love and 
   to visit people I love.

  because it makes
my hair look [perfect].

    My cousins and
     their blogs.

My house.

Free toilet paper
  in every bathroom
      [all. the. time.]

The following texting conversation:

Mama: So I got u another husband.  No teeth though.  Freddy [see Dicker & Deal] just said, "Send your daughter over to my house, I will teach her Arabic, and we become friends, then probably get married.  She would make my family very happy with a nice girl."  You would have to know him to see how hilarious it was.  He was just being totally serious and not lecherous at all.

[immediately forwarded text to sister]

Sister: ha

Sister: you would make a lovely addition to any family.

Sister: You're gonna have to settle at this point.  And just think if he doesn't have teeth I guess you won't have to take him to the dentist. Vacation$$$$$$$!!!

Sister:  I own nothing green.  That has been my problem for the past 3 hours... should I paint my toe nail and wear flippy floppies?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

M-F: willy wonka whiskerando wednesday

The only thing Willy Wonka about this Wednesday is the fact that I turned into a blueberry.  I'd rather be a blueberry then an oompa loompa.  Well, I did chew a piece of gum at a hockey game with a couple of friends.   

Actually there is nothing Willy Wonka about today except the title.  Dumb.  I've got nothing.  Sorry.  I am a failure.

I did actually think nostalgically about a whiskerando.

I spent most of my work day trying to figure out what had happened during the month of January and trying to document it as if I had already done so, in January.

Then I went on a blind date of which, I set up, which surprisingly went quite well.  How could it have not?  I was high on life and sunshine and the fact that we could sit outside and drink our coffee.

Now I will wait for a great influx of comments for giving zero to no details about that last piece of information.  I should also be getting some hyper texts from my mother asking about grandchildren in 3-2-1, as I did not pre-inform her of this so-called date.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

M-F: typically terrific tuesdays turned terrible

My Tuesdays are usually pretty great so I figured it would be easy to stay on task with my commitment to make something about every day this week, great.  I pretty much failed.  I thought about posting this picture and calling today "two times the fun tuesdays" or something to that effect but it just wasn't fun today.  We'll try again next week though boys.  Nothing but love.  Gebby.

On a side note, I'd like to let all of the parents out there know how amazing they are.  People always obsess about how "amazing" and "wonderful" their children are but I believe the parents should really get the credit for having to put up with so much and not giving up.

I've been noticing lately that I mostly post when I'm in a good mood (according to me).  Some would have a hard time agreeing that I'm ever really in a good mood, but I know myself better than most.

So anyways, there wasn't a whole lot about today that was great (and I'm not in a particularly good mood), except it's finish and a conversation that still has me gasping for breath after laughing so hard I nearly choked.  Yes, the conversation was with my mother, and no, this time I feel a little embarrassed to share it with the world.  Some things should not be for public viewing.  Sorry.

Since I'm focusing on the fact that today was terrible and not terrific, I also will mention that even though I didn't go to work, it too was bad.  Let's just say some people haven't been happy with me lately and it's starting to get old.  

I need flowers and spring fast. 

Hoping for a Wildly Wonderful Wednesday.

Monday, March 14, 2011

M-F : Marvelous Massage Monday

I decided on my way home from my 90 minute massage (yes, the guy offered a 90 minute massage at no additional cost after making me wait 15 minutes) that each day this week I will make sure to make it great, in some way.  I will use adjectives in front of the day of the week that start with the corresponding letter of that day.  

For example, "Marvelous Massage Monday."

Did I mention I got a 90 minute full body massage for 20 dollars and don't even care that the guy kept calling me "sweetie" and "my dear?"

Before racing out the door he also said, "I've enjoyed spending the evening with you Shelby."

I didn't know we were dating.

You get what you pay for.

I'm feeling good... I mean MARVELOUS!

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Now, let's not make this blog all about me, even though it is.  Your challenge is to do the same this week and let me know how you've done that.  This is an effort to force me to stop pouting about cold, gray, depressing days.

a self-diagnosed terminal illness

Some girlfriends and I have discussed how 30 has been the year of physical ailments.  We know all the 50+ year olds all think we are pathetic, completely ridiculous and being melodramatic for thinking our bodies began to fail us at 30, but we believe it.  

Headache are brain tumors.  
         Abdominal pain, uterine cancer of course.  
    General chronic aches and pains and numbness, 
               serious signs of M.S.  
 Anxiety, heart attack.  
            The list goes on.

If I think about this honestly, the only true terminal illness I have is procrastination.  My application for GVSU is due tomorrow and I have still not completed writing the required essays.  

There's a man at the coffee shop who seems to be growling right now.  I love this coffee shop.

This is my face looking out at the runners I am jealous of on this beautiful somewhat "spring" afternoon.  My terminal illness often has terrible consequences.   

This is me yesterday, eating a mango and watching Outsourced on Hulu instead of writing the essays.  Dumb.
My reward for finishing the essays? 

Yes, this 30 year old is still motivated by rewards.

A massage at 8pm this evening.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

why she had children... truth revealed...

To all of you who may be questioning whether or not to have children some day, I offer some reasons as to why you might want to seriously consider doing so at some point.  A phone conversation I had with some lady I accused of using me this evening revealed some interesting facts as to why she had children.

Don't be deceived by how much love and affection you see in this photo:

Some Lady: Oh, I have to go your sister is calling me.  Oh wait, it's not your sister, I don't want to talk to that guy.  I'll just pretend I'm not here.  Keep talking until he hangs up.

Me: So you're using me?!?!?!?!

Some Lady:  Oh, yes.  Duh.  That's why you have children.  So you can use them to get out of stuff.  And so they can do stuff for you.

You can have them bring you a drink or load and empty the dish washer.  Take out the trash.  Mow the lawn.  Rake the leaves.  Things like that.  

When someone wants you to do something you can say, "Oh, I can't I have to take care of my kids."

When you're supposed to go to work you just call and say, "Oh, I can't come into work because my kids are sick."

Then they get a little older, and you can say, "Oh, I can't I have to go to my daughter's volley ball game."

Then when you're talking to someone on the phone that you don't want to talk to, you just say, "Oh, it's my daughter calling.  It could be something important, I have to go." 

Me: I see.

Some Lady:  It's very simple.  You have kids so they can do stuff for you and to get out of stuff.


I don't think anything else needs to be said.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

girlfriends make me smile and spring commences... mama why aren't you famous?

The final celebration of 30 continues...

So popcorn on Tuesday turned to chips, salsa and hummus and crackers.  We still had wine.  It was a delightful evening with some of my favorite women in the whole wide world.  We have been celebrating 30 since my birthday last year and it has been great.

our joint birthday party (in july)
I became friends with a couple of amazing women about two years ago.  They have become very dear to me and I was pleased to spend Wednesday night with both of them.  They make me smile and this song reminded me of them today.

I've been more and more aware of how essential girlfriends are to my well being.  I just hope that they receive something great from me, as I have from them.  Here's to so many special friends (girl ones).  I love you.

FLOWERS!  I clocked in for my first day at Micandy this morning.  I spent the day riding in a Mazda, wearing a blue shirt and hanging up signs.  Not to mention, laughing a lot.  We have fun.  I even got to go inside an itty bitty house, which I think I thought was just about as cool as I would have when I was five.  I think my cheeks even got some sun, or maybe they are just pink from cold wind burn.

Realization taken from today:

If my mother were famous, I'd make millions doing impersonations of her. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

thanks sherry

At the Credit Union:

Teller: Ok Sherry you're all set.  Thanks for stopping in.
Me: Thanks you too.

Please tell me I am not the only one that has done this on repeated occasions, without even realizing what was being said.  I drove off slightly confused and wondering if the teller realized what just happened.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

in like a lion... forgetting february & celebrating 23 more days...

I know we are all overly excited about the arrival of spring.  February toyed with our emotions more than most of us were comfortable with.  

A few days of complete and utter bliss with temperatures rising almost above fifty, forced me to leave work early, run miles upon miles outside and wear big purple sun glasses and an enormous smile.  Then, another blizzard.  It wasn't the one that forced everyone in the entire country to stay inside for a couple of days, that was fun.  I'm talking about the one that hit the day after all of the snow had melted and hopes of spring had been planted in our souls.  There were no closings worth even mentioning.  

Break.  My.  Heart.  

I think they should have given us a few days off on those nice days in order make up for the misery we have all gone through this winter.

So anyways, it's MARCH and in 23 days I will be 30-something.  I have decided that my last 23 days of 30 will be celebratory.  Tonight the celebration will commence with popcorn, drinking wine and dear friends.

So long February.  

So long broken hearts.  

So long dreadful winter.

It's time for sunglasses, walks and smiles...

my modeling days in Spain