Tuesday, March 29, 2011

music for tuesday

I have decided that exercise in the morning is good for me.  It probably also helps those around me.  I am happier today after dragging myself out of bed to go to yoga.  No, I am not manic or bi-polar.  There are a lot of things I would self-diagnose myself with but that is not one.

So in celebration of Tuesdays and what is going to be a great day with two boys I present you with our song of choice... 

And to depress a few of you even though for some reason this song makes me happy here's a tune I've been listening to repeatedly (thanks to greg's music blog)...


  1. Why can I imagine and hear you singing the spectrum song? Oh, and doing a little dance with it!

  2. exactly... with a two year old... um, who is screaming outside right now. gotta go.

  3. I never used to be able to exercise in the mornings, but now its literally the only time I have to squeeze it in. The days I don't exercise (which still far outnumber the days I do unfortunately) I feel worse. Good job for saying its good for you :) it probably does help!