Thursday, March 31, 2011

death and jokes in the christmas ornaments

The following quote was taken from my mother's fb status:

Quote of the night, while teaching a gardening class in what might be considered the worst neighborhood in Lansing:

Q: how can we keep squirrels from eating our vegetables?
A: (not from me) a 22
A: (from me) i checked into this. you cannot shoot something in lansing. 
Comment: (from attendee) You obviously don't live over here, do y...ou?

I actually spoke with her as she was leaving to give said class.  Before hanging up she said, "Well hopefully I don't get shot."  I then said, "Well in case you die I love you.  Where's your fortune?" 

She then says, "Oh I'm not going to tell you right now.  What if I don't die?"

I say, "Well how am I supposed to find it if you do die?"

She says, "Oh It's going to be like a treasure hunt, you have to go looking for it."

Me, "Um will there be clues or notes or a map or something." (thinking this is all a joke)

Her, "Oh ya like in the box of Christmas ornaments.  There is a nice little note and some jokes.  You'll find them everywhere."

Me, "Hahahaha.  Wait, are you serious?  Did you really do that?"

Her, "Yeah, but it's the only one I've done so far so I've got a lot to go yet."

Me, "You don't know how happy this makes me.  You are going to provide me with entertainment and laughter even in your death and I'll still have material for my blog except the posts will say 'Some Dead Lady' instead of just 'some lady.'"

Her, "Uh people are going to think you are evil."

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