Friday, November 19, 2010

hedgehogs are like little porcupines [sueños]

I had a very strange dream the other night.  The dream took place in my apartment and involved a dead rat that came back to life, a hedgehog, a man we'll call Mr. Porcupine and a frying pan.

The dead rat was disgusting and huge.  I was trying to kill it with the frying pan after it came back to life, with little to no help from Mr. Porcupine, who just stood there in quiet observation.

The hedgehog however was kind of cute and intriguing but I didn't feel it needed to be running around my apartment so I was trying to capture it, again with no help from Mr. Porcupine.  

The dream ended at some point and I never killed the rat, nor did I catch that damn hedgehog.  But when I woke up you bet I looked up hedgehog on google images because I had no idea what a hedgehog was.  Come to find out, they are like little porcupines.

My friend interpreted the dream for me.  My conclusion is this: 

I'm feeling a little hesitant and having my doubts about some things, particularly with prickly little rodents.  However, I'm strangely drawn to them and trying to sort out the doubts, while at the same time being open to what might become of all of this.  

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