Friday, November 19, 2010

Tips on Dating: The Panamerican Tour... Do's & Don'ts... [cont'd from previous post]

Ok, so let's be honest the soccer game is over.  This one anyways.  There could be more in the future.  Venezuela won, hands down.  That was obvious in the first post.  However, there is still much advice to be given to Latin men trying to date gringa women and vice versa.  Ladies, don't give your number out to the morons that do the do NOTs.  Trust me, you'll be sorry and googling how to block numbers from your cell phone before you know it.  Here is a do and don't list derived maybe from my imagination and possibly but not necessarily from personal experiences.
Do: Tell the girl that some day when you get married you will give the wife all of your earnings and only ask for a $200 stipend per month. 

Do NOT: Ask the girl for help figuring out how much of a tip to give to the server.  This indicates that you cannot do basic math and at 32 you still do not know how to tip.  Not impressive.

Do: Insist that your birthday be celebrated for an entire month.

Do NOT: Tag ALL text messages as URGENT with a bright red exclamation point! That's just annoying and stupid.

Do: Be patient, persistent, respectful and intentional.  This is very attractive.

Do NOT: Text and call repeatedly and continue to do so when the girl continues to NEVER respond.

Do: Put a picture given to you by the girl (after insisting that she gives you a birthday present every Monday and Friday for the entire month of your Birthday) on your desk at work, not caring about the ridicule you might receive from passing co-workers who never noticed anything on your desk before.

Do NOT: Keep texting her after she hasn't responded in weeks to any of your URGENT!!!! texts.  
Ok, I think this concludes today's edition of the Panamerican Dating Tour.  It might be the last, but you never know. 

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