Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pinterwhat, agave, 6,000

Ya ya. I joined pinterest. It's like a plague. My mom's friend told me I could organize stuff that I like on there. I replied, "err duh that's what bookmarking is for..."

I'm not gonna lie, bookmarking is the most annoying feature in my browser. In theory I think it's a great idea. In reality, I have bookmarked about 3 sites in my entire internet life.

So anyways, I was recipe browsing at work the other day (it's work related don't be jealous) and thought, "hmm maybe I can organize recipes on that dumb pinterest thing."

So I opened an account.

And it was like a freaking explosion of eye catching crap.

And I already have like 8,544 followers and I know about seven of them. How does that happen?

I don't get it.

It does not seem organized at all it just seems like this giant mess of crap that people like to look at.

I only wrote this because I wanted 8 more hits so that I can say that there have been 6,000 views on my blog.

I'm going to paint my living room this color.




p.s. I bought the Pitbull Album today. Best thing ever.


  of 2012 

so far.

just sayin'


  1. Shelb,
    You have to get past the annoying explosion of stuff and FOCUS!!!! You could organize your boards by food type. It would be awesome. And you can search by just food. I had my personal best the other day....364 repins on one item. Too bad all of your pinterest follows don't know about your blog, you would be at 6000 in seconds.
    Love ya, Kathy

  2. Oh my gosh. pinning my blog. pinning it now. i have to think of a really awesome post to pin. there are so many thought it will be hard to chose.

  3. there is actually, a recipe saving site. will let you know what it is when i remember it.

    there is also craftgawker and dwellinggawker sites. i don't know if there are more or not. i can imagine weddinggawker... might end up being better than pinterest, which i notice is getting commercial REALLY fast since it's popularity is booming. and wow, people really don't understand how to use it.
    for one: it is supposedly not for self promotion.
    hint. hint.

  4. I don't usually search other people's pins...that's where I think pinterest feels WAY too busy/chaotic. Unless I come across someone with similarly fabulous taste. :)

    I mainly pin the fun recipes/stuff that I want to remember from other sites (you put a "pin it" button in your toolbar, right?)

    (by the way - HI!) :)

  5. :) Hi Mer - yes I did put the pin it thing. I think I'll just use it to organize stuff. I start looking at it too much and then want to make comments like, "uh you eat all that crap and you'll kill yourself." Or really? That's ugly. hahaha. terrible.