Wednesday, February 22, 2012

comic strip premier

Well, I found the drawing program I've been searching for and as a result I have only read one article about immigration policy in two hours.

Lucky for you, I created the first of a series of comic strips called "the mischievous adventures of ralph e. free"


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  1. I know my humor* is pretty obscure but here is Ralph's real name:


    Yes, it is pronounced RALPH E. FREE, if you call him RALPHIE. (Which I generally don't.)

    Why does he have a weird name? So he can get his own debit card, duh.

    Think of him as the dog he is:

    Obtained on December 22. AKA 3 days before Christmas. Christmas, as in the same holiday featured in the movie "The Christmas Story". Featuring RALPHIE. Ralphie being the kid who wanted the Red Rider BB gun. Ralphie, the kid with the mother who always says "You'll shoot your eye out!" "You'll shoot your eye out" being a sentence that begins with, you guessed it - the letter "Y".

    If you put the two together, you get
    RALPH Y., which phonetically sounds the same as RALPHIE. But for the purpose of a debit card, he needs a middle initial. And "IE" would be dumb, it is two letters. (Oh wait, someone else has two letters for their middle name. But I digress.)

    SOOOOO his name is Ralph Y. Free.

    Because his long version name is Ralph "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" Free**.

    If you can't figure that out then just call him Ralph. And don't take his debit card***.

    *Please note: If you have any doubt why you don't understand Shelby's humor, this would be it. Her mother.

    **Please note: "Free" is actually a completely fictional last name all the way around. Fictional, but legal. Sort of like a dog having a debit card.

    ***Please note: My old dog had a debit card, but not his own actual account. Approved by the debit card issuer... well, at least the guy on commission who authorized it. It was not done for shady purposes, more for the purpose of being able to stupidly have him use his own card for his own dog food. Etc.