Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a lesson on failure

Failed attempts and what this day has taught me:

I failed twice while attempting to build a compost bin.  

I failed at finding someone to go to dinner with me at the last minute.

I failed to see how interesting the neighbor's candle light dinner went when they closed the curtains and turned off all the lights.  I am secretly jealous.

Some 14 year old teenager down the street shot at a police officer but failed to hit him.


Sometimes we shouldn't give up until we succeed.  

Other times it's good to be a failure.

Now, I will go eat a sweet potato.

At some point later in the week I will re-attempt the constructing of my compost bin as well as find someone to eat dinner with me.  I will probably also watch the neighbors make dinner.


  1. how about dinner friday night with four of your dearest, bestest, most amazing, beautiful friends?! and maybe bring you compost bin with you for "crafting" night! hehehehe

  2. Ok. We'll just tie it to the back of your van.