Thursday, March 17, 2011

M-F: Thankful Thursday

Ok so I wasn't thinking about all the things I am thankful for all day.  I just thought about the idea right now and decided it might be a good exercise.  So I'm ending today by making a list of the things I am thankful for today.

It was 60+ degrees outside
   and Michigan promised me
that it won't be cold again
   [til Christmas Eve].

Some clients said nice things 
to me 

I hung out with Lindsay.
    My mom and my sister
made me laugh
          [as usual].

My new bicycle is 
     so great 
[thanks Miguel].

    My dad called me
  Upcoming mini-vacations
    with people
I love and 
   to visit people I love.

  because it makes
my hair look [perfect].

    My cousins and
     their blogs.

My house.

Free toilet paper
  in every bathroom
      [all. the. time.]

The following texting conversation:

Mama: So I got u another husband.  No teeth though.  Freddy [see Dicker & Deal] just said, "Send your daughter over to my house, I will teach her Arabic, and we become friends, then probably get married.  She would make my family very happy with a nice girl."  You would have to know him to see how hilarious it was.  He was just being totally serious and not lecherous at all.

[immediately forwarded text to sister]

Sister: ha

Sister: you would make a lovely addition to any family.

Sister: You're gonna have to settle at this point.  And just think if he doesn't have teeth I guess you won't have to take him to the dentist. Vacation$$$$$$$!!!

Sister:  I own nothing green.  That has been my problem for the past 3 hours... should I paint my toe nail and wear flippy floppies?


  1. Freddy is a really nice guy. Ask Ashley. She got him drunk. He always tells me about some Sabrina cake they have in Israel. And how he is only staying alive for his mama, and after she is gone, POOF.
    (He is depressed.)
    And don't plan the vacation yet, he has teeth, they just are all really bad. So he is going to need extensive dental work.
    And apparently HABIBI is for a guy, HABIBTI is for a woman. That is how the whole conversation started, he was talking to another Arabic speaking guy and I heard him call him Habibi.

  2. I believe that I may have made this list TWICE. This makes me extremely happy.

    Also, do you have any particular ideas for your FL getaway? Do you want to do any of the theme parks or do you just want to go to the beach?