Thursday, March 31, 2011

coffee grounds and rotting produce

Well everyone, as a follow up to the post about failures; I would like to announce that I made another attempt at building that compost bin and succeeded.

How do you even use a semi-colon?  Can someone google that for me please?  Thank you.

Anyways, I built it all by myself after 2 failed attempts.  I decided that I should no longer seek the advice of the hardware store employees when doing a project.  Had I just gone with my gut in the first place I would have spent less money and saved myself some frustrations. 

After four trips to Ace and in the end only spending about 7 dollars, I have a three year composting system.  I'll add a door later.  I would have only spent about 2 dollars but the dumb nails the first guy sold me spilled everywhere and I didn't feel right about returning them since about 1/3 of them were bent because the wood was too hard.

Oh and I forgot to mention that my neighbor decided to sit on the back of his truck, smoke a cigarette and claim to be the foreman while I worked. I didn't find it the least bit humorous but it rather made me feel very self-conscious, so I just left it all there and went to the hardware store hoping he'd be gone when I returned, which he was.

I am also down another god forsaken rose bush that nearly defeated me.  It's been a productive evening.  I am so greatful for the fact that it doesn't get dark until 8:30pm these days.  I can only imagine the kinds of things I would get done if it was like this year round.

Enough about my obsession with weather.  Here are the photos:

after bringing these home i realized they were next to useless and found some better ones at the local hardware store

coming up with a plan

in process - after i figured out how to effectively drive in the screws

those are the rose bushes that were previously everywhere
I plan on putting two panels on the front that can easily be removed for stirring purposes and shoveling out the dirt.


  1. I'll explain semi-colons to you if you explain the purpose and process of compost to me.

  2. nice job. suggesting you may want to use the clippers and chop up the rose bush a lot. smaller stuff will decompose a lot quicker.

  3. Thank you for that suggestion Ms. Free. Perhaps you would like to assist me in this endeavor? I hope you aren't covered in scratches from head to toe by the end of it.