Saturday, March 19, 2011

M-F [+ S & S] super springy saturday

A few of my biggest blog fans [ha] convinced me to extend the series through Sunday to complete the week.  Let's review why today was great via several photos in chronological order.  Some of the photos aren't actually from today but you get the point.

i noticed these little guys this morning
enough said

micky says that flowers bring happiness, joy and healing -- she's right
a friend sent me these in an email - with a very kind note - love
nice hair
this pretty little one had her 1st birthday party & then i had the honor of driving her great grandma home
To top it all off, Anya insisted on folding my laundry.
Really, could I ask for a better roommate? Um, ya, no.
And that pretty much sums it up ladies and gentlemen.  It was quite a marvelous day actually.  I even went running and ate arroz con leche immediately following, of which I've heard is suggested in all running magazines.

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