Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i heart NYC but not parking tickets


Yesterday I was in NYC.  I am on an epic roadtrip with Stacey and Dan.  I dropped them off there and this morning headed up to Saratoga Springs to visit my siiiister for the week.

Here are some maps of the trip.

epic roadtrip part I
Part II
And here is the scenic overlook some place in Pennsylvania or maybe New York.  Some guy let loose a bunch of "racing pigeons."  We asked him where they were going and as if we should already have known, he replied with a thick NYC accent, 

"to New York, bout fifty miles from here.  they're goin' home where they belong."

Duh, stupid travelers.

I've been watching Minnie the poodle get groomed since I got to sister's dog grooming shop.

I'll be returning to NYC where I hope to not get another $65 parking ticket on Saturday.  Stacey and Dan do not yet know that I got said ticket or that they will each be expected to pay 1/3.  So I was looking up in google images "I love NYC" and found this photo.  We'll be meeting up Saturday afternoon to kiss in Central Park.

He looks like a keeper actually, considering his tag line.

See you Saturday Salomoncito.

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