Thursday, October 27, 2011


Dear Readers/Random Clickers -

In celebration of reaching the 5,000 mark I treated myself to a haircut.  I probably would have done so today even if I hadn't reached 5,000 blog views.

But who cares?!?!?

No one.

That's my point.

My point is, I have a fresh look and over 5,000 views.

I am convinced that there are only a handful of people who have contributed to the high viewage because they incessantly check it to see if I have any new news to share with them, as opposed to old news.  In addition to the proven fact that people worldwide are highly interested in hedgehogs of course.

It doesn't matter to me how I got here, just that I did.

Thanks for clicking my dear readers.


P.S.  I can't lie.  This post was premature.  There have only been 4,999 views.  By the time you read it though there will have been 5,000.


  1. bahahahahaahha I am dilerious!!! there have only been 4,800 views... who cares... who's counting

  2. 4822. But I'll check again later because maybe you'll have some new news. Love, your incessant Aunt Mary.