Sunday, October 16, 2011

windy city brats

I would like to share some memorable dialogue from my beatific weekend in Chicago.  No, I did not take this picture.

At the house after we ate lots of food and guacamole...
Michael: Here is a set of keys for you Shelby.
Shelby: Oh, thanks.

The next night...
Michael sees keys on table.
Michael: Oh Shelby you keep those keys so whenever you come you can always get in.
Nika: NOOO!!!  Why does she need our keys?!?!?
Michael: Just let her have them.  I thought it would be nice.  We can make another copy.
Nika: NOO!!! It's our spare set.
Shelby: That was a very nice gesture Michael but I don't think I need a set of keys to your house.


Walking home from the train station...
Nika says something bratty...
Shelby stomps down the stairs...
Michael says,

"Nika, I can't believe you.  Look, you made the nicest girl in all of America mad.  She's stomping down the stairs!"

Getting up in the morning...
Me (in a sweet precious voice): "Nika...Nika...Nika..."
Nika: "WHAAAAA?!?!?!"
Me: "Come out I'm leaving soon."
Nika walking out of her room sneezing and sniffing and coughing: "What God awful disease did you bring with you Shelby?"
Me: "I didn't make you sick but now I have dog hair all over me."
Nika: "Serves you right."

Then Nika got mad at me because I didn't know how to get to the train station.  

I think she hit me at one point.

Then I hugged her.

She was a little resistant.

Then we said good-bye and she said something snotty, so I pulled her hair.

Then Michael said,

"I think I'm going to trade you in for Shelby.  She's not so bratty."


It was a really great weekend.

I love them.

I google imaged "I love Chicago."  This is what I found.  So on my next trip we are going to meet up and kiss all afternoon in front of the giant bean.  Don't worry we'll take pictures.

To be continued.


  1. Let me know if there is another "I love Chicago" just like that one. I would like one too. Thank you. :)

  2. He probably has a twin brother.