Monday, February 28, 2011

the back counter & after office hours

This afternoon I took a guy to a doctor's appointment and while sitting there in the waiting room for two hours, I slipped into a high fructose corn syrup coma.

I can't help it.  I gave into the brown sugar frosted pop tarts on the back counter at the office.  I literally thought it was the end.   

Who the hell brings a box of generic pop tarts for a snack?  

Me.  I would.  That is exactly what I do with the shit-food that somehow finds it's way into my hands and I want to get rid of.  I just put it on the back counter and it vanishes.  The social workers devour it.


After my HFCS coma, I stopped by an elderly Burmese lady's house to show her where her grand daughter would catch the school bus in the morning.  We don't understand one another very well, so I drew a picture:

Then I called the interpreter.  Seriously, sometimes I don't even know what I am doing.

So then I went to the office and found it completely desolate.

A. Dream. Come. True.  

One of my ten office mates was packing up when I sat down.

My face looked something like this:

The second she got out the door I cranked up the music and had an amazing last hour of work.  I danced in my chair and sang out loud.  I think I listened to the following song on youtube about 19 times, of which I have my cousin Linda to thank.  


  1. we're related, what with the pop tarts and adele. yes.

  2. Adele has another song that's amazing but completely depressing. It's called "Someone Like You". Have you heard it? (Linda or Shelb)