Monday, February 21, 2011

on my honey moon, with myself... because i married myself...

So I think my life has completely taken a 180 in the last 72 hours.  Let's recap what happened.  On Saturday my mom insisted on bringing over a couch for my non-existent living room.  On Sunday I bought some fabric with one of the bestest (Yes, that's a word. Spell check just doesn't know it yet) friends I've ever had in my whole life.  And today I came up with the single most brilliant idea of all time.  Forget words, let me take you on a picture tour of how these three days changed my life and made it exponentially better.

Exhibit A:
Half of my bedroom was transformed into a living room.  John Tesh said that doing stuff in bed besides sleeping makes you fat and depressed.  I've noticed.  Here's to a living room, eternal happiness and fitting into more of my clothes.
Exhibit B:

I think I went to the fabric store 11 times before asking Liz to help me pick out something I would like.  I liked the finished product so much I slept in the tub last night.  Maybe not really but I am in love with my shower curtain.
Exhibit C: The Honey Moon Suite
The world's smallest living room, that was next to never sat in, was converted into the cutest, quaintest sewing room in the universe.  I am the luckiest girl in the world.  Who would have thought you could fit sunshine, plants, storage and a sewing machine all in a closet sized compartment. And amazingly enough, you can still iron clothes in there too.
Please, don't ask me why it took me six months to do any of the above three things.  I have no answers.  Here's to a future full of relaxing moments with myself and others in my pseudo living room, not looking at an ugly plastic shower curtain and being able to sew somewhere besides my dark, cold and gloomy basement.


  1. me gusta Shelbita, esta bien tuanis... :-)

  2. Shelby, this is all awesome. I must come over again and see it. I would bring brownies if you didn't find them too counter productive to the fitting into your clothing thing. What do you think?

  3. Aww, Shelb... You're one of the bestest friends I've ever had too. And you make amazing shower curtains.