Monday, February 14, 2011

awesome sundays & writing love poems...

So yesterday was Sunday!  We all know how much I love Sundays.  Last Sunday the ladies decided it would be fun to start writing poems and sharing them at our blissful Sunday tea meetings.  This was a good, less intimidating and inexpensive alternative to taking a creative writing class, as I had planned to do during my college-less season.  At first, I was a little scared to share my poem since Linds and Libby seem to be seasoned writers who wrote awesome poems, and I, simply am not.  Our first assignment was an "address" poem.  After figuring out what that meant, I came up with the poem found at the end of this post.  I think this is going to be a fun little experiment in writing.  Today is valentine's day so I will dedicate this poem to my valentine and lover.   

does anyone else find cupids creepy?
mourning glory

i’ve forgotten how it feels
the warmth of your embrace
the sensation of your breath
forming goose bumps on my skin

i’ve forgotten how it feels
to walk peacefully and freely
swinging my arms and dancing
to the sweet music you once played
just for me

i dream of you at night
walking, talking, biking
feet in the sand
your warmth fills me to the core
while lying beneath you
beads of sweat forming on my skin

we walk barefoot
and eat ice cream
a slightly less pale complexion is revealed

i awaken to a cold
and bitter reality
nostalgically thinking of days gone by
tears fill my eyes
as i bury myself beneath the covers
i wonder... 
and i ask you once again...

when will you return?


  1. well done my writer friend. that was an awesome "address" poem!!! i'm proud to be your friend!!! :) muy talented!!! happy valentine's day!

  2. Very well written "address" poem! You inspire me!

  3. ajá... ta bonito vos.
    mmm, sí, esos cupidos parecen maricas endemoniados... uy, perdón pero ser politicamente correcto no es lo mío.