Monday, June 13, 2011

swinging things

I was ok with the whole getting my window smashed until I realized I'd have to close my bank account because there were three blank checks in the bag that was taken.  I'm just picturing automatic withdrawals bouncing everywhere before I get a chance to change the account information.  So I got a little moody after my trip to the bank and immediately put on my pissy pants.

So I ate a salad that looked like this:

Then I was all snotty to my mom on the phone and said, "Well, I can take care of it if I get off the phone with you!" And she said, "Ok honey it's been nice chatting with you."

Which always makes me chuckle a little.

Then I worked on changing my account information on a dozen websites before getting a text from this fellow...

So I shut off my laptop, got on my bike and joined him for a beer.  It was nice.  We chatted.  I'm glad that I don't let things that "need" to get done distract me from possible opportunities to spend with people.  Because they always make me feel better and think that life isn't really that shitty after all.

Then I came home and read my cousin's blog.  Catching up on it made me happy, and this post in particular, made me realize I needed to get over myself.

Because I came home to this:

and a bowl of ice cream...

and this...
And I just got done having the greatest weekend of hanging out ever.  Friends, more friends, music, birthday party, roasted pig, community napping in the backyard, walks, bike rides, running, beer...


I need to stop looking for things to bitch about.

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