Sunday, September 18, 2011

little people with big hearts

Yesterday morning I was walking with some friends at a fundraising event I helped plan and coordinate.  Megan's daughter overheard our conversation about how I no longer have a job.  She's three going on four.  The following conversation got me to thinking about how much love I feel every day from so many friends and family.

Kirra: "Shelby, you don't have a job anymore?"
Me: "Nope. Today is my last day."
Kirra: "Why?"
Me:  "Because they didn't have enough money to pay me anymore."
Kirra: "Oh so you don't have money anymore."
Me: "Nope, I don't have money now."
Kirra: "And if you don't have any money then you don't have food!"
Me: "That's right.  Once the food runs out at my house I'll have to come over and rummage through your cupboards."
Kirra: "Shelby you can come to our house and eat our food.  We will cook it for you."
Me: "Thanks Kirra!"
Kirra: "And Shelby you can live with us as long as you need to."

Many other things have happened over the last several days that have been a reminder of how much love there is in my little world.

I have no complaints.

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