Thursday, September 15, 2011

Extended Vacation Day 1: "you gotta love yourself"

Today I met up with some girls from one of my classes.  We are working on a community project.  We spent the afternoon walking through a neighborhood talking to its residents.  One lady in particular captured our hearts.  We spent the good part of an hour chatting with her.  She has lived in her home on that corner for 39 years, was married 47 years before her husband passed and raised 7 children.  She is 79 years old and one of the happiest ladies I have ever met.

Her advice to us, "Be happy with who you are.  You gotta love yourself or you're never gonna be happy."

I think I could sit on Miss Ella's porch all day.

I also had breakfast and a walk with a friend.

An early morning jog by the river and coffee with a friend.

An afternoon walk around the lake and good heart-felt talk with another friend.

I made homemade spaghetti sauce that I put cayenne pepper in because at first I thought I wanted to make salsa.  It's delicious but a little surprising.  It really made me wonder why I don't have men knocking on my door wanting to be my life partner.

some little girl stopped and gave me that flower on my walk

I also spilled nearly an entire container of raisins, which looked a lot like rabbit turds on the floor of my pantry.

And the day ended like this...
And everyone was content.

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