Friday, September 2, 2011

se pincho la llanta... beer & bus stops

The other day Alynn texted me.  She wanted to know if I'd join her on some group bike ride that starts at 9pm on Division and ends around 11pm at Founders.


About 20 minutes into the ride, several miles from downtown and after hitting several bumps, I realize my front tire had popped.

So we ditched the group and started walking back toward downtown.  Conveniently, we weren't too far from a bus stop and even more conveniently, the bus station is across the street from Founders.

Alynn decided that since we had a twenty minute wait at the bus stop we had better take care of the beers in her bag.

So we did.

We drank beer at the bus stop.

The bus came before I was able to finish mine.

And Alynn's bike is huge and heavy and we looked like a couple of clowns trying to put it on the bike rack.

This story is better told in person.

I imagine my mother is rolling her eyes and wondering what happened to her responsible daughter.

She left.

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