Sunday, December 12, 2010

amazingly cute and stylish dresses...

if you have money to waste on cute dresses or if you have fun places/occasions to wear cute dresses i suggest going to this site... i unfortunately have neither, i just like looking at the cute dresses and dreaming about how cute i would be wearing one of them...

they should use me as a model, they would get better sales


  1. ms. noxon:
    have you looked outside?
    you would be freezing in either one of these cute dresses.
    and would cover it up with a bunch of sweaters, a hat, a scarf and leggins.
    you might as well wear an ugly dress.
    ms. free

  2. The second one would have been perfect for our brunch. You would have been the cutest fanciest one around. I would buy those dressed with your face pasted on them like that.