Sunday, December 5, 2010

saying shut up and dropping things [oh, hell no...]

Thursday in the office... 
I am sitting at my desk behind the door, in the corner, as usual with coats falling on me.  The intern is at the desk next to me asking about my car.  Male co-worker who we will call mr. misogynist, comes in, sits down behind me at his computer, overhearing our conversation.

mr. misogynist: oh, is that what you didn't want me to know about earlier?  cuz...
me: cutting him off i say "shut up mr. m" (because i can read minds and know what he's going to say)
mr. m: because women...
me: shut up mr. m
mr. m: don't know...
me: shut up mr. m (inserting middle finger in his face)
mr. m: how to drive and run into things
me: [___]  insert f bomb here

Sometimes it's appropriate to tell people to shut up.  However, maybe we should reconsider how to respond to annoying sexist comments said as "jokes," especially in supposed professional settings and most importantly when interns are present.  I'll try a more mature method next time.

A Drawing of the Scene (for the visual learners):
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