Wednesday, December 1, 2010

overstimulation & failing to yield... [oh, hell no]

experiencing brain freeze as a result of over stimulation
As of a few days ago I shared an office with six people.  The count is up to eight now and the room is only about 10'x10.'  We are clearly violating the fire code and if the fire marshal came in here it would be a disaster.  Sharing this space with so many people makes me less productive because with all of the chatter and movement I can't think straight, almost to the point where I don't even know where I am or what I am doing there.   At one point during the day there were five people sitting at desks and four people standing up in our office all talking either to each other, to themselves or to someone on the phone .  As a result I was highly over stimulated and couldn't function.  It felt like I was in a crowd of millions of people shouting and all moving in opposite directions.  With the chaos I didn't know which way was left.  To make matters worse, my desk is small and jammed in a corner, behind the door and next a file cabinet that somehow always has an open drawer leaving me feeling trapped and crowded.  And for some reason, behind the door is also where the coats are hung, which inevitably are constantly falling on my head.  I nearly lost it and when another person was about to enter I told them they'd have to wait as we had already reached capacity and surpassed it.  I had a short fit of insanity and later had to apologize to the intern, who seemed a little freaked out by my reaction.

So later on I headed out to a home visit in Battle Creek.  A quick stop to my house on the way turned into getting smashed into, phone calls with the insurance company, a tow truck and a high priced ticket for failing to yield. 

So anyways, it was a great day, just like any other day.  I felt like a woman driver, similar to those documented in this video.  And the music in this video creates in me the same feeling I had in the office today.  Strangely, I look forward to a future office experience with cubicles.

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