Monday, December 20, 2010

forget superstition... [oh hell no]

So, I was thinking the other day.  Well, actually I've been thinking a lot lately, which is not uncommon.  Anyways, people always say that bad things happen in threes.  I think I can better identify with the saying "when it rains, it pours," because honestly, my series of unfortunate events always seem to surpass three... by far.  Today, I lost count.  The first in the series of unfortunate events was of course failing to yield.  My car got totaled when I decided unconsciously to take my foot off the brake without looking.  Dumb.  The second was I think the encounter with an asshole, which had me in a tizzy for several days.  The third, well... let's just say some people have trouble following through, but they are working on it.  Annoying.  Then, my friend died.  Then I found out that he didn't die.  I think we've passed three.  Then I decided to make the kid's bed and as a result was crippled for three days.  I'm still recovering but managed to run five miles today.  And today, a refugee rammed into the car I am borrowing in the parking lot at work.  One word to describe the last several weeks...

UN...  BE... LIEV...  A... BLE...

But, remarkably... I am still smiling.  Rolling my eyes, but smiling.  Hopeful.  Very hopeful.  Remarkably hopeful, that tomorrow I will have dreamy and delightful encounters with people at DHS, the gas company and AT&T.  Here's to Monday!

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