Sunday, December 19, 2010

recipes and things to encourage more viewings...

i was telling everyone on fb the other day that i don't understand why i have so few followers on this blog...  a lady suggested i advertise, post recipes, give things away and have cute kids... is the educational and informational content along with unmatched humor not enough??  i don't understand.  why do i need to bribe people?? my friends have cute kids and if you didn't notice i posted a whole series of pictures with two of them a few weeks ago... and also, i was a cute kid and posted a picture of that last week... so anyways, here is a pie that i made one time and a pot of delicious soup.  find the recipes below... 

soup recipe:
chop up a bunch of vegetables
chop up a bunch of fresh cilantro
garlic (duh)
salt to taste
a chicken leg or chicken stock

 cherry pie recipe:
make homemade pie crust
make cherry pie filling
(not from a can, that's just wrong)


  1. you might need a blog assistant. people need to know more than "chop up some vegetables" and "make a pie crust".

    If you need a nice antique, aluminum, alzheimers causing soup pot (JK IT WAS A HOAX) such as the one in the photo, you may contact me. Only $50.00!
    And the pie plate, came from me as well! (I think)