Monday, January 3, 2011

staying home and forgetting things... and falling in love...[blissfulness]

So a couple of months ago when I realized I had accumulated a sufficient number of vacation hours, I promised myself to take one whole week off from work during the infamous holiday season.  At first I dreamed of getting away and escaping the madness of my everyday life.  Those dreams went sour and I quickly discovered the beauty in staying home.  And this is what I did...

i slept angelically, buried deep in a cozy mess of fluffy blankets and pillows
i cleaned the pantry
  my dear beloved pantry,
i am sorry i let that nasty mouse
     poop on your shelves
and die on your floor
         and rot in the trap
   and smell up your chamber
forgive me
     hold me
                love me
  let the weight of my groceries,
pots and pans...
            be like a warm embrace
on a cold winter night
                        i love u

then i went back to sleep or at least pretended to
i painted a shelf
    this took several days.  i mean between napping and sitting around and falling in love with geeky sothern men (next photo) i had to do each project in stages.

liz introduced me to the new love of my life
 and the rest of my vacation was spent dreaming of him & loving my pantry & my shelf & my fluffy blankets...
who wouldn't?  i mean really...
i also called a plumber who fixed a leaky pipe, 
which cost all of 23 dollars and 61 cents
 & i watched some more 30 rock
& i hung out with sara
& laughed with sara while peter laughed at us.
& i slept.
& ran. & cut my hair.
i made soup & bread that failed to rise.

all the while, i forgot i even had a job...
then sunday came & i did the following...
i covered my windows in plastic
and realized
that having a week 
where the world
was     exactly      the     most    perfect     week

and then on monday in the car i spilled 
coffee and had a temper tantrum... 

i actually pouted.  
out loud. 
i am 30.  
how ridiculous.

1 comment:

  1. when's the book coming out?
    you're HILARIOUS!!!
    i'll support you and be your agent and travel with you to your book signings.
    it will be fun.
    and GROSS that you left a mouse to die...poor pantry.