Sunday, May 8, 2011


So I went over to Lindsay's house tonight to put a chain on her new bike that she's obsessed with (see below).  I hadn't seen her in like seven years so I had some pretty high expectations for our time together.  Here's how the conversation went:

Me: wow, that's a... uhhh... cool bike.
Linds: It's sooooo awesome, it's the best.  Help me put the chain on.  
Me: I already put it on, it took me .7 seconds.
Linds: Dang Noxon, you're amazing.  My bike is amazing.
Me: ya ya
Linds: Can you help me get this light off here.
Me: ya, I can't figure it out.  oh wait, got it.
Linds: duh
Me: so how's everything?
Linds: my bike is so cool! should I put turquoise tape on the handlebars to match the seat?!?!
Me: no, hot pink.
Linds: ya!!!  

[lindsay takes photos of her bike for 10 minutes]

Me: uh, I feel like I'm not the center of attention
Linds: you aren't, it's the bike! 

the best part about lindsay's super awesome new bike is that it has the word "caliente" written on the cross bar


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