Monday, May 9, 2011

office chatter... so how was your weekend?

I don't know about you, but I'm not into small talk with people at the office that I barely know or don't know at all.  I've gotten used to it with my co-workers that I see everyday and have become friends with most of them.  However, there is that occasional day when I am forced to interact with a co-worker that I don't know and will most likely never see again.

Today was one of those days.

IT had my laptop and I had to go pick it up.

While I was comfortably waiting for him to fix something and completely ok with the silence he said,

"So, how was your weekend?"

[ummm uh, really? why on earth is he asking me this?  I've never met him in my entire life.]

I then awkwardly responded by saying,

"Oh, uh, it was nice out. I um, have kind of a weird sunburn on my forehead.  Guess the sunscreen didn't work right."

Who says that?!?!?!

Who cares?!?!?

I don't know.

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  1. Small talk is so small no-one pays attention. I hate small talk too.