Monday, May 23, 2011

what I want is what I want --- believing in fortune cookies

Several months ago I started believing in fortune cookies.  Someone told me the other day that my life would be pointless if I didn't believe in something, so I've decided to put my faith in fortune cookies.

I'm still waiting for the one I got last week to come true, which is pictured below, not to mention the one from December.  The one from January I continue to believe is true.

Now this could be any number of things so I'd like to compile a short to long list and see which of the listed desires will be granted in the coming days.

Short to Long List of things I've always Wanted:

1. For people to stop saying things like "What's wrong with you?" or "Are you having a bad day?" to this face,

which usually calls for the following response: "Nothing that I know of." or "I wasn't until you said that."

2. The ability to walk around like this all day so that number one never happens again:

3. A long term relationship with a man who insists on folding my laundry, giving me back rubs, buying me expensive wine and taking me on trips to tropical places to hang out with non-Americans.

4. A million dollars so I can just pay someone to do number 3.

5. Firm Abs

6. A Mango Tree in my backyard.

7. A cabin in the mountains, by a river, in the Dominican Republic. 

8. World Peace

9. Tart Frozen Yogurt like I had in North Carolina with Laura.

10. One month of winter instead of 7-8 months.

11. A sweet renovated attic.

12. Teleportation.

13. A boat and water skis.


Ok I'm bored with this list.

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  1. this is really sweet. i hope you get at least 70% of these things.