Wednesday, May 11, 2011

getting old sucks... office chatter

In my office this morning with Sara, Cori and Kerri (the intern who just sat back and observed, giving little input--smart girl).

Me: "My back hurts again."
Cori: "You guys, getting old sucks."
Me: "Really?!?!  Are you kidding me? I'm not an old lady."

bla bla bla ... discussion about how old people are either cranky or patient and sweet...

Me: "There are some sweet slow old people that come to the Home Depot.  Then there are the cranky ones."
Sara: "Ya I think when you get old you either get really ornery or really patient."
Me: "I hope I get sweet, patient and laid back when I..."
Cori (interrupting): "Shelbs c'mon you won't be.  You know it."
Sara: "Shelbs you'll be a cool old lady, I mean look at your mom, she's awesome."

Cori tells some story about when her and Stacy went on a walk and helped some old lady who fell and broke her wrist in the garden.

Cori:  bla bla bla says some dumb comment about me being old

[lots of dirty looks were given and everyone eventually went back to work]



  2. and on another note.
    one time at a lakeside basketball game there was a really, really sweet old lady.

    i said to mrs. underhill: "when i get to be an old lady i hope i am one of those really sweet old ladies who just exudes kindness, like that old lady does".

    mrs. underhill's reply: "um, in order to be a sweet and kind old lady, i think you have to start out being a sweet and kind young lady."

    me: "so basically i am screwed" (or whatever word i would have used back then in my ultra-conservative and clean mouthed mom at a christian school days)

    mrs. underhill: "basically, yes."

  3. I say you're not old until you can look back and wish you had taken better care of your body when you were 30 because it's fallen apart and putting it back together is a Herculean feat. You're still young, girl...learn what you're doing wrong and work hard to change it! (Some old people just get bossier I suppose.) Sorry to hear your back is hurting again.