Sunday, May 1, 2011

somebody called me sunshine

I was moving flowers around at a local Home Depot the other day and Roger, who also works for the greenhouse, called me "Sunshine." This was on Thursday, the day that immediately followed Wednesday, which was a horrible day, where I was basically accused of being an extremely rude grouch.  If I were still in grade school I would have gone to detention.

Am I bi-polar or do I need to take a break from the things that frustrate and provide more stress than relief?

I have decided that I will self-diagnose, using the DSM-Shelby, and conclude that I do not have mental illness.  I just need more sunshine and flowers and less social work and more Subway and more nutrolls.

On a side note, I was accepted into GVSU's Master's of Social Work (MSW) program.  

I know, this is all very confusing to me too.

Anyways, starting very soon, I will be taking a semi-hiatus from working so many hours with people, and rejuvenate myself with flowers and a barrel full of monkeys and road trips in a Mazda.

So here are some snap dragons.  
I know, they are so kissable.  

I have decided that I'm going to practice waking up happy.  I am also going to start running, because that always helps too.  Tomorrow is my first day.  Well, today I went running.

I will not let the clouds or temperature determine my mood any longer.  I'm going to believe that I can be how Roger sees me... 


cuz i discovered 
that i like 
being called sunshine 
in a not sarcastic way

you can call me sunshine bear now


  1. Sunshine Bear, Congrats on getting into grad school! Why didn't you tell me?

  2. I dunno, I forgot. I wasn't really excited about it. I mean who wants to go to class?