Sunday, November 13, 2011

beautiful weird things

Yesterday I went to my step-sister's baby shower.  Many of you might say, uh, what, how do you have a step sister?

Well, I used to have three.

Until there was a divorce.

It was messy and ugly for a while, yes, but somehow over the course of the years something beautiful became of it.

Society and culture seem to tell us that in brokenness nothing can be restored. Being in relationship with your ex-stepsisters and their family is just weird. I mean, my mother even hangs out with them. More than I do actually. Even with their mom, her ex-husband's other ex-wife. Even weirder, right?


It's beautiful.

I believe it's the way life ought to be. If everyone can get beyond the hurt and disfunction and feel ok about being together, then why would you not spend time together? Especially if you have history and share good memories.

Life is about relationships.  It's about trying desperately to be in healthy and loving relationships.  It's about restoring brokenness.

And so I hang out with my step-sisters, their mother and their family, who I once called my own by marriage.

Yes, it's weird if you think about it, but it's actually quite beautiful if you really think about it.

Love you girls.

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