Saturday, November 5, 2011

mothers & daughters

This is probably not true for everyone, but I am lucky enough to be able to recognize the truth in it for me personally.  And so, I dedicate this quote to all of the snotty, bitchy teenage girls and young adults and the mothers that put up with them.  

Because I realized something today...

Eventually, the mother that you think doesn't understand you, ends up being the only person in the world that does.

I'm assuming this will be a famous quote one day that I'll make a lot of money off of.  But I didn't say it for the money, I said it because it's true (for me).

I love my mama and probably call her more than she'd like.


  1. Well, heavens. Thanks. And you don't call me too much. I was just busy!!!
    I love you and am actually glad you call me a lot. And Ashley too.
    But I don't know what I understood recently.

  2. I think it's why I call you all the time.