Sunday, November 13, 2011

professional picture crisis

As surprising as it may be, I'm having difficulty finding an appropriate picture of myself for my internship application.  Here are just a few that I've found that don't seem quite professional enough for the occasion.  I don't really want to take a shower and get spiffed up for this, so I continue to search.

I suppose this could almost work, I mean despite the coloring and fish-face.

Thinking maybe not appropriate for a social work internship.

This one had some potential until I smiled.

Uh, ya, no. This person should not be allowed to work with people.

I may be mistaken but social workers are supposed to help people break bad habits and poor lifestyle choices instead of encouraging them. But I do like this hairstyle. A lot.

Um. Ya. No. Just creepy.

Again. Not appropriate.

Sexy bitch not working either.

I think this could work from certain angles.

Again, this one had potential.

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