Wednesday, November 2, 2011

tasty quinoa recipe with squash

My mother tells me if I put more recipes on my blog then it will get more hits and become famous.  It's already famous (in my mind) but whatever.

So I'm actually going to give you a recipe that I invented today with a better indication of ingredients and amounts.  How's that for a change?

I recently (two days ago) eliminated animal products and other things like soy (because I almost hate Monsanto) from my diet, for a number of reason of which we won't go into today.  It didn't really change what I cook but what I often find myself snacking on, as well as my coveted morning cup of cafe con leche.

I have an intimate relationship with her and it's just not the same with almond or coconut milk.  Almost disgusting actually.

Yogurt and cheese too.  Hmmm... I guess it did affect things a little more than I am willing to admit.

Anyways, here is the recipe for today's delightful lunch.  A while ago I began introducing quinoa into my diet because it's better than rice, tastes better and has lots of protein, which is nice since I never eat meat.

Quinoa/Squash Delight

- 3 cups H20 & 1 cup Coconut milk to boil
- Add 1 cup diced, raw squash (butternut or acorn is good)
- Meanwhile toast in non-stick pan 2 cups of quinoa and throw in a small diced onion
- Add quinoa to the squash
- Add a handful of dried cranberries
- Add a diced up piece of celery
- Add a dash of salt to your liking
- Cover until fluffy and delicious on low heat
- eat either by yourself in the company of loved ones or enemies (they'll love you after they eat this)

I also added a small fistful of TVP, which is a dried vegetable protein.  If you do this you should add an extra 1/3 or so of water.  It doesn't really change the taste of the dish but adds some more protein and nutrients.


  1. Hmmm... Sounds yummy. Quinoa is great stuff although I've never toasted it before. Thanks for the recipe. One hit closer to fame:)

  2. I just checked the page views...5001! Does that mean I was the ONE! Or do you have it always reading 5001 so everyone feels special! Love the inspired me to cook, which hasn't happened in awhile...Braulio thanks you!

  3. Yeah! Finally. I think you were the one, yes. You are a very special lady. Because you were 5,001 I would like to send you a special gift. Please email me your address. I have been cooking like crazy this week and it's wonderful. Applesauce, apple,cranberry, blueberry crisp, various quinoa dishes. Yummy. I also discovered hazelnut milk and it's not too bad in my coffee.