Sunday, April 10, 2011

day 2: trivia & potential shark attacks & man eating plants

Despite the fact that Zachary had a bloody leg, he was not attacked by any sharks.  Pheeeewwww!

Before heading to the beach, Adie and I visited the flea market because that's just what this family does when we get together.  We go to flea markets, wherever we are, and look at old stuff and try on hats.  I bought some earrings made out of marbles.  Hopefully I do not lose them.

yet another way to eat a mango

And then we went to the beach, where I took no photos and do not want to publish the ones my cousin took.

Then, while driving home late at night we played trivia, of which at first I was not too excited about.  However, it ended up being quite entertaining.  Adie and I picked categories and Zachary made up questions.  Most of the time it was severely biased as he asked questions he knew Adrienne knew the answer to.  I caught on and started picking categories that Adrienne knew nothing about but neither did Zach so the questions were less than impressive.  Like for example the category about refugees resulted in this question:

"Who is the only person I know that knows anything about refugee resettlement?"

The greatest moment in the game was by far this moment:

Zach: Adie pick a category.
Adie: Literature
Zach: Ok
Me: bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Edgar Allen Poe
Zach: hmmm, I'll accept that
Me: yesssssss!!!!! bahahahahaahhhaahah

(insert uproarious laughter here)

Adrienne felt it was unfair since he didn't even ask a question.  But Zach liked my answer so I got my points.

Here is a lesson on plants...
As tempting as it might be, DO NOT stick your finger in there.  This is a carnivourous plant and it will eat your finger right up.  I was this close (fingers together) to doing it myself even after I was told not to.  I believe this was some sort of Nepenthes.  They eat bugs and things of that nature. 


  1. if the plant actually eats fingers then there must be a lot of monkeys running around without tongues.
    and wow, i don't get the humor of the trivia at all. am so out of the loop.
    glad you are having a wonderful time. i think it might be hot here. but have not gone outside yet.

  2. ma, the funny thing is that he never asked a question... and i got the answer right.