Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the polygamy scheme... a picturesque future

I know most of you spend your days wondering what life will be like in your mid-fifties, when the kids are grown and you still don't have any grandchildren.  I know I do.  A week or two ago I introduced you to Kathy, my mom's 'best' friend (do you have those at age 50?) and Emily, her daughter.  Please see the post about "Free Dating Services."  So anyways, Emily lives in Colorado and on occasion we picture text each other and update one another on interactions we have with our mothers (among other things).  Yesterday she had lunch with our mothers and provided me with some very blogworthy material.  Why I was not invited to this lunch is beyond me.  Enjoy.

Emily: Our mothers are currently discussing the perks of polygamy... together.  Good news, you wouldn't have to call her mama, just sister wife Kathy.

Emily: However, your mom keeps clarifying she will not be sleeping with Marty, she is in it for my mom, sister wife Kathy!

Emily: Meet our new mommies!  They claim they can't have their picture taken... cause they are polygamists (duh).

Me: Oh. my. god. can you please video tape this?
Emily: ha ha ha too late.


Unfortunately no video footage was taken, but I did get a little more information from my mother over dinner last night.  She claims it would be the perfect situation.  Her and Kathy could hang out all the time, work in the garden together and when they get tired of Marty just go do stuff without him.  This is an interesting alternative to their previous plan of moving in together when Marty dies.  I guess they figure if they become polygamists they can carry out their plans much sooner and don't have to wait for Marty to pass on.

Poor Marty.

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