Sunday, April 10, 2011

day 3: flipper, sharks, manatees & alligator nuggets

Today I decided that I haven't had a very exciting life.  I came to this conclusion when I saw one of flipper's relatives swimming and jumping and flipping right next to my kayak.  We have a video but I don't feel like uploading it so I'll just post this one from youtube, which is pretty much what happened, except I was singing the flipper theme song and the dolphin jumped up over the kayak.  Then the little guy came up to the kayak and put his bottle nose under my hand. 

Then a whale came under our kayak and lifted us off the water and then let us gently back down and swam away and blew water out of it's blow hole and it hit Aunt Tracy in the face.

It was great to see Aunt Tracy.  She came down and met us at the beach. 

Then we saw a shark and a manatee.

Then we ate alligator nuggets.  

This has been an amazing vacation.

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  1. thinking plagiarism is when you actually steal someones made up story and post it as your own!!!!!!
    and you did not even mention how you were singing the flipper song on the phone in the middle of a parking lot. and the alligator came out of the bush and joined you in song. gheesh.