Sunday, April 10, 2011

gogo internet on airplanes and living in caves

I failed to mention in the post about the man on the airplane the following conversation:

flight attendant: free internet will not be available on this flight

me: internet? on an airplane? what?!?!

mohammed: yes

me: since when? how does that work? what in the world, this is amazing!

mohammed: well, since you have been living in a cave many things have happened 

I then took out my ipod and sure enough internet access for $4.99 and it's called something like "gogo" internet.  So crazy.  I didn't want to pay $4.99 but I was tempted just so I could say I used the internets while flying in a plane.


  1. i heard about this a while ago. here was what i read, about the first time it was offered:
    flight attendant: internet is available on this flight.
    guy in seat next to lady who reported it: cool!

    ...guy in seat next to lady who reported it plugs in or whatever and starts to use....

    guy in seat next to lady who reported it: this sucks. it is too slow.

    reporting lady writes: ten seconds before, he didn't even know it existed, and he already declared it sucked. what a jerk.

  2. ps mohammed could provide a little diversion.

  3. Oh yeah I saw that on I think David Letterman or something.