Tuesday, April 12, 2011

why did i not think of that sooner

So I went to a park this morning and was playing on my phone and discovered there was a YMCA nearby.  I called.  They said I could use their facility for free for fourteen days.  

What.  The.  Hell.

Why did I not think of this on Friday?  I mean seriously.

So today I went to two different YMCA's.  I went in the morning to the one by the park.  I attended some cardio something class.  It was nice.

A lot of really old people go to the YMCA mid morning.  More than I am comfortable with. 

Then I of course laid by the pool for a while.

Then I rode Adie's bike to the other YMCA, where I took Yoga class, ab/core class and a Boot Camp class. 

riding the bike back to adie's apartment
I returned very hungry so Adie and I went on a sushi hunt.  Sushi, mishu soup, wine, key lime cheesecake.  Delightful.

The lockers at the YMCA in Winter Park, FL are very fancy and they have tv's that play really depressing news that makes you think the world totally and completely sucks.  The lockers don't have televisions, the locker rooms do.  So while you're getting dressed you have something to do besides notice all of the naked ladies putting on their makeup.

Someone I know actually referred to the United States as a cesspool yesterday instead of a melting pot.  After seeing that news, I agree.

My next vacation will be two weeks long and I will start going to the nearest YMCA on day one.

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