Monday, August 1, 2011

29 days to my life's end

Tomorrow is August.  How did that happen?  With the ending of a terribly long winter, I think I may have gone into summer with my hopes too high.  I feel like it's over and it never began.

With that said, there are officially 29 days left of summer, because in 29 days I start classes.  I think I'm too old for school. 

This is how I feel at the thought of working nearly full time and taking three classes and never seeing any of my friends for the next two years...

I just got instagram too as you can see.  Thanks to my cousins Adie and Linda for introducing me to a whole new universe.  I don't know how to share the photos with anyone though. Ha.

In an attempt to not focus on how summer is almost over, I will end this post by saying this...

For the next 29 days I will make the most of summer and will probably sleep very little.

I will run when it's dark and go to the beach on the weekends.

I will drink summer beers.

I will sit on my porch.

I will make smoothies and drink iced coffee.

You will never hear me complain about the humidity, because every time I feel sweat dripping down my bare legs I think of winter and long underwear and freezing my ass off.

Ok maybe that was more than you wanted to know.  The dripping sweat I mean.


  1. But Shelby...there's an amazing in-between-time called FALL! Sweatshirts and jeans to hide the tan you didn't get (or the flab you didn't get rid of). No air conditioning but still no need for heat. So much to look forward to I can't even begin. And no-one is ever too old for school:) Just ask Aunt Tracy. She's almost 50!!!

  2. It's true, fall is a lovely time of year. I just like the hot sticky summer. And I have a nice tan. And Michigan could settle down a little with the AC every time I go inside an air conditioned building my system goes into shock.