Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a story about tortellini

Several months ago, when I was still a member of facebook, a friend's husband asked if "Sabrina Free" (whom he did not know was my mother) was my made up alter-ego.  

Apparently we have very similar personalities and senses of humor.  

This afternoon after realizing I had just made the most delicious dinner, the following texting conversation with my mother occurred:

me: "Dang, I just made some delicious pasta."
mama: "I am making some tortellini."
me: "With my fresh basil and a tomato from Elizabeth's garden."
me (when I realized what mama had written): "oh. my. god."
mama: "ah"
me: "I can't talk to you anymore until we stop being the same person."
mama: "Oh ok bye I have to eat anyways."
me: "I made tortellini"
mama: "No u didn't."
me: "Then what the hell is this?"
Mama: "hmmm."

The End.

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