Wednesday, August 17, 2011

something's gotta give

History tells me that right before I'm about to snap, something happens that brings a kind relief.

That's been happening to me for the last six months.  On the verge of snapping, something happens, and I feel relieved.  Relief comes, things calm down for what seem to be a few short hours and then I'm almost about to explode again.

The cycle continues.

It's like someone keeps hitting the repeat button.

This is happening on a larger scale at work right now, and as I was relieved, everyone else seemed to be entering the "i'm about to snap" mode.

It's hard.

But something will give.  Something has to.  Soon.

I went on two walks today, totaling I think about 9 miles.  My arms are sore.

Is that normal?

I just checked my work voice mail -- don't ask why I'm checking that at 11pm.

A Cuban who called the other day looking for a job called to thank me for getting him some contact information for a possible job lead.

He was close to getting evicted.

He got a job.

I smiled big.

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