Sunday, August 14, 2011

uncomfortable baggy mittens

Ok so it's getting close to mitten season so I decided that I would spend the day making mittens out of old sweaters to sell to all of the cold handed people this winter.  

But I can't find my pattern.

So I looked online.


WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO WEAR MITTENS SHAPED LIKE THIS AND ALL BAGGY???!?!?!?!!?  They probably aren't even lined with fleece.

If you want the tutorial of how to make these dumb mittens go to:

Otherwise, stay-tuned as I'll be recreating my pattern this afternoon and actually have a comfortable, stylish, warm mitten that won't fall off your hands, available for purchase.


  1. seriously shelb, you are advertising for something you think is dumb. that in itself might not be real bright. just a thought. as usual.

  2. I personally think it's brilliant...but maybe you should have waited until your perfect mittens were completed to compare the stupidest mittens ever with them. And if you saved that pink sweater I gave you for this very project, I'd like to put in an order made out of it please.