Monday, August 8, 2011

blisters & living inside of a pumpkin

i wore heels to work today

which wasn't a problem

until cori and stacey talked me into what became a three mile walk of which i traveresed entirely barefoot

i now have two large blisters on each foot

tomorrow i will be bringing a pair of "walking shoes"


in other news let's look at the transformative powers of paint and how i like to color coordinate my pajamas with my homemade fruit smoothies...


hot damn, it's like the inside of a pumpkin... and marvelous
yes, my smoothie matches my pajamas... duh... and yes, my plants look aaaaa---mazing against that color... simply, aaaaa-mazing...

I'm sure Sab will comment on how I didn't mention that I was seemingly freaking out while painting my room and so she finds it ironic that I am in love with my pumpkin living room right now.

It was.  for a moment. screaming at me.

Now it simply says... 

bright happy place that will get you through the winter...

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